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Pride of the branch Pride of the branch
"The inventor of the year" the 1st place was taken by Ravshanov Umid, a third-year student of the department of "Hydrotechnic construction" of Bukhara branch of TIIAME. With this achievement, U.Ravshanov was congratulated  on behalf of all professors and teachers and wished success in his future career. It is desirable to list the information about U.Ravshanov who was the pride of our branch.
Visit of professors and masters of the department "Use of water and pumping stations" to Jizzakh Pumping Station   Visit of professors and masters of the department "Use of water and pumping stations" to Jizzakh Pumping Station
In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PQ-3702 dated January 31, 201 "On measures to radically improve the system of preparation of highly qualified specialists in the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Engineers of Agricultural Mechanization" ....
An impressive source of training An impressive source of training
On February 5 this year, a tutor-pedagogue and psychologist Sagdullayeva Dilorom conducted a methodology on "Animal Beings", "My Tagam" with students. The method of "non-existent beast" determines the degree of aggressiveness, self-esteem, and lack of qualities of the student.
Bobur’s literature Bobur’s literature
It is well known that February is a beautiful month full of ghazals. Therefore the organization of poetry evenings is celebrated every year due to the birth of two great figures of the world literature  Navoi and Bobur.
On the first day of Spring On the first day of Spring
On March 1, 2019 on the occasion of the birthday of the favorite poet of the Uzbek people, national poet of Uzbekistan Zulfiyakhonim, the students of the institute and the heads of Women's Committee of faculties visited the park of Writers.
The 1st stage of the Olympiad is over The 1st stage of the Olympiad is over
In our country during the years of independence a large-scale work has been carried out to raise the younger generation spiritually mature and physically healthy, patriotic and selfless, to protect their rights and interests.
Olympiads selects the smarts Olympiads selects the smarts
The 1st Republican Olympiad on "Pump and Pump Stations" and "Hydropower Station" was held. Taking into account the fact that the Republican Olympiad is actual and responsible issues of the department, and the National Program for Personnel Training, the department "Using Water and Pump Stations" organized the 1st stage of Olympiad on subject "Pump and Pump Stations" and "Hydroelectostations". 
Meeting of Academicians and Students Meeting of Academicians and Students
It is known that on December 21, 2018, President of our Republic Shavkat Mirziyoyev gave instructions to hold senior lectures and meetings on how to increase the interest of high school students to study at higher educational institutions, ensure that they do not mistaken in their future career, and what to do in order to become qualified specialists for the Republic.
Trip to Samarkand Trip to Samarkand
The students of the  group 206 of the faculty of  “Hydrotechnical Constructions"  and group’s head teacher a senior teacher of the department of “Theoretical and Constructive Mechanics” E.Toshmatov made a journey to Samarkand.
Demonstrative Lesson Demonstrative Lesson
Senior lecturer of the Department of Theoretical and Constructive Mechanics, Toshmatov Elyor Sobirovich, on April 10, 2019, at B-325 auditorium of "Hydraulic engineering and using pumping stations" conducted a demostrative lesson to the students of group 212 from the subject "Materials Resistence" on topic "General feedback on the plows. Flat bending, transverse slope, flat tilt. Finding Backbone Reactions" . The lecturer gave information about plows, types of usage and others. 
It's good to know the rule It's good to know the rule
On April 16, at the Student Campus, a discussion was held on the topic of "Following the road rules is the guarantee of benefits of life" by a tutor pedagogue, psychologist Sagdullayeva Dilorom.
Three-dimensional rear account Three-dimensional rear account
Demonstrative lessons should be of great importance with their content and relevance. On April 25, senior lecturer of the department "Theoretical and Constructive Mechanics" of the TIAME B.Kh.Urinov held a seminar on "Construction mechanics. Conducted Seismic Surveillance "on the subject" Three-dimensional rear account
First International Alumni Conference of Former "Umid" Foundation First International Alumni Conference of Former "Umid" Foundation
Associate Professor of the Department of MoHW S. Vafoev and trainee teacher S. Kholova actively participated on the first internatipnal Alumni Conference of former "Umid" foundation.
Traditional Rector's Cup Traditional Rector's Cup
During the winter holidays, from December 24th to January 6th, 2020, the traditional Rector's Cup competitions on mini-football, volleyball, table tennis and chess were held among the faculties and staff of the Institute.