The department has cooperation with other higher educational institutions of our Republic and Academy of sciences, particular with Karshi Engineering and Economics institute, UzGIP, “Gosvodxoznadzor” inspection, TSTU, TACI, TSAU, UzNU. The aim of the cooperation is writing textbooks, organizing student`s practice and teaching process in branches.  The department has a cooperation with foreign countriesas: Istambul Technical University, Vagenegen university(Netherland), MSU, MSUP, MUDN named after P.Lumumba, Polytechnical University of Saint Petersburg, MISI, Bordo-1 University of France. The articles were published cooperatively.

In 2018, prof. A.A. Yangiev, having taken part in the UNDP project "Sustainable water resources management in rural areas of Uzbekistan" as a consultant-trainer, conducted refresher courses for employees of reservoirs and hydropower facilities in 6 regions of the Republic. 4-7 March 2018 prof. A.A. Yangiev, having taken part in a UNESCO seminar on projects in water management, prepared and handed over to the customer a module on the topic "Operation and maintenance of the technical condition of hydraulic structures." In cooperation with the University of Taraz of the Republic of Kazakhstan, prof. Bakiev M.R. and prof Yangiev A.A. provide scientific advice on a two-way PhD to the following doctoral students: prof Bakiev M.R. for a 2nd year doctoral student Kaderesheva E.Zh., prof. Yangiev A.A. for 2nd year doctoral students Smailova B.Sh. and Dzhakieva B.D.

The staff of the department has established mutually beneficial cooperation with advanced higher educational institutions and research institutions, as well as with funds and centers in developed countries. Including at the department:

- University of Hydraulic Engineering and Power Engineering MGSU (Russia);

- National Research University MPEI (Russia);

- Siberian Federal University (Russia);