"The use of water energy and pumping stations"

Head of Department, Professor

Bozorov Dilshod Raimovich

Phone: + 99871-237-19-57

E-mai: d.bazarov@tiiame.uz


The training of highly qualified specialists in the design, construction, operation, repair and reconstruction of pumping stations, small and medium-sized hydroelectric power plants located on irrigation systems has been conducted since 1934 at the Department of Use of Water Energy and Pumping Stations, which is part of the Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering Institute of Irrigation Engineers and Agricultural Mechanization. From the moment of its organization the department was headed by: 1934-1969 T.A. Kolpakova; 1969-1985 S.K. Pereverzev, 1986-1999 and 2005-2010 B.R. Uralov; 1999-2004, as well as in 2010-2018 T.Sh. Mazhidov; from April to December 2018 E.K. Kahn and from December 2018 to this day the department is headed by Prof. D.R. Bazarov. From 1934-2019, scientific and pedagogical work was carried out by such well-known scientists in the republic as: professors - D.Ya. Sokolov, V.I. Gromov, I.I. Pirmatov, E.Zh. Makhmudov, O. Ya. Glovatsky, D.R.Bazarov and R.R. Ergashev; Candidates of Technical Sciences - T.A. Kolpakova, S.K. Pereverzev, A.S. Saidkhodzhaev, V.A. Baranov, V.I.Stratonov, V.P. Sudakov, Yu.G. Ivanenko, R.R. Abduraupov, T.Sh. Mazhidov, B.R. Uralov, V.A.Zenkova, R.A.Usmanov, B.M.Obidov, N.R. Rakhmatov, E.K.Kan, T.N. Tursunov, F.Sh. Shaazizov, N.M. Ikramov, S.K.Khidirov; senior teachers - A.M. Motorin, K.V. Stupakov, E.A. Sosedko, N.I. Goroshkova and A.S. Badalov. Currently, the department employs prof. D.R.Bazarov, prof. R. Ergashev, Assoc. B. Uralov, Assoc. E. Kahn, Assoc. F. Shaazizov, Assoc. S. Khidirov, Assoc. B.Norkulov, Assoc., F.Artikbekova, ass. B. Shodiev,ass. O. Vohidov, trainee teacher,B.Nazarov. Thanks to their scientific activity, the scientists of the department T.A. Kolpakova, S.K. Pereverzev and V.P. Sudakov were awarded the title of "Honored Irrigator of Uzbekistan", and A. S. Saidkhodjaev - the title of "Honored Builder of Uzbekistan", Bazarov D.R. awarded the title "Excellence in Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan". Currently, the teaching staff of 12 people conduct lectures, practical and laboratory classes in 18 bachelor's and 18 master's subjects. In the laboratory of the department there are 26 educational and 8 scientific stands, 3 models of operating irrigation pumping stations, various types of hydraulic machines and their main parts.

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