The training of the scientific staff of the department begins with working with first-year students. The department organized a scientific circle "Hydroenergetics" for excellent students and gifted students. Every year, the department holds Olympiads in the main disciplines - "Pumps and Pumping Stations" and "Hydroelectric Power Plants". The results of achievements in scientific circles and Olympiads are published in the form of scientific articles. Also, scientific articles are effectively used in the preparation of master's or master's theses and are introduced into production.

In order to replenish the teaching staff of the department, young people who have graduated from the open specialties at the department are involved in pedagogical activities at the department. In addition to teaching, they work on research to solve problems at hydropower facilities (pumping stations and hydroelectric power plants) in the country..

1. Economic agreement "Development and approval of the Methodology for assessing the effectiveness of the introduction of energy-saving equipment at pumping stations of water management organizations and the departmental procedure for the selection of electric motor”

Purpose of work:

Development of a methodology for assessing the effectiveness of energy-saving devices installed at pumping stations. To assess the effectiveness of using such devices, a scientifically based methodology is required..

2. "Hydropower qurilmalaridan foydalanish samaradoriligini oshirish va resource tezhamkor tekhnologiyalarni tadbiқ kilish"

Purpose of work:

Determination of optimal operating modes for hydropower facilities. In this work, which is designed for three years, the development of recommendations for optimizing the operating modes of large pumping stations, the development of a scientific and methodological base for diagnostics of pumping stations of low-pressure HPPs, part of the flow of units