Scientific works

   Scientific articles prepared at the department have been published in scientific journals of our Republic and abroad. In the next 10 years, more than 50 scientific articles were published by the staff of the department in scientific journals of Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan. During this period, 4 candidate dissertations were defended, 10 training manuals, more than 50 methodological instructions, and more than 200 scientific articles were published. On the basis of the results of scientific research carried out in the department, a patent application for a utility model was prepared and the Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan granted a patent for the following utility models based on the Law "On Inventions, Utility Models and Industrial Samples":

  1. Patent number FAP 01089 for cultivator seeder, theoretical determination of power required by PJG universal suspension sprayer I AP 05696 patents.
  2. PATENT na poleznuyu model No. 195352 "Raspredelitel dlya raspyliteley ventilatornogo opryskivatelya" was granted. The author of the useful model is Urishev A.E.
  3. Djuraev D., Davletshin M.M, Faizullaeva N. S., Yamaletdinov M. M., Toirov .I. J., Badalov S. M, A.E. Urishev Ustanovka dlya rasseleniya trichogrammy// Patent na poleznuyu model № 197015 Rossiyskoy Federatsii 2020. Blue. No. 9.
  4. Universal canopy sprayer No. 2760189 Djuraee Djuma Yamaletdinoe Marcel Author: Musaeiroeich (RU), Faylullaeea Nilufar Sadullaeena(UZ) Toirov Ilkhom Juraeeich Urisheev Adkhamjon Ergashalievich.

Certificates of authorship:

  1. U.A. Nasritdinova, J.A. Qasimov, U.D. Edilboev received an author's certificate for the electronic guide "Mathematical modeling of information technologies and processes". No. 002115. 19.03. 2020 year
  2. Kasimov Jahangir Avlokulovich № DGU 14035 "Interrelationship of the main parameters of irrigation sprinklers with flow hydraulic elements" DGU 2021 3999
  3. Kasimov Jahangir Avlokulovich No. DGU 14036 "Improving the efficiency of irrigation sprinklers." 03.12.2021. DGU 2021 4000
  4. Kasimov Jahangir Avlokulovich No. BGU 00713 "Edu graphics" 08/05/2022 BGU 2022 0210
  5. Kasimov Jahangir Avlokulovich No. BGU 00728 "Electronic study guide" 12.08.2022 BGU 2022 0229