Organization and technology of irrigation and drainage works

Head of the Department "Organization and technology of irrigation and drainage works"

Khasanov Baxriddin Baratovich

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Tel.:  +99871-237-19-97



The department "Organization and mechanization of irrigation and drainage works" was organized in 1929 on the basis of the water management faculty of the Central Asian Institute of Irrigation Engineers and Technicians (SANITII), which in 1934 was renamed TIIIMSH, and the department was renamed "Organization and technology of irrigation and drainage works". In the years 1929-1945. Associate Professor Apollosov VM, 1945-1966 headed the department. Prof. Pospelov EG, 1966-1982 Prof. Ostankov AG, 1982-1989 Assoc. A.M. Validzhanov, 1989-1993 Assoc. PI Alikulov, 1993-1999 gg. N.R. Rakhmatov, 1989-2005 Professor B.B. Hasanov, 2005-2012 Assoc. Davranov G.T. Since 2012-2019, the chair is headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor L.Kh.Irmuhamedova. At the department there were professors: EF Bulaevsky, VS Shuvaev, AG Ostankov, associate professors: E.G.Travin, M.M.Shapshal, Z.I.Shvab, K.K.Shubladze, E M. Ostrovsky, B.Korzhavin, A.Ya.Saiganov, senior lecturers, A.N.Markanov, V.A.Markhlevsky, N.R.Raimova. Also at the department for a long time were the activities of N.P.Kiselev, L.A.Gavrilenko, P.A.Ostankov. The department has a great potential for scientific development and implementation of their results in production. Since the development of the Hungry Steppe and the construction of the Great Fergana Canal, to date, the teaching staff of the department implements its scientific developments in the national economy. Under the guidance of Professor V.F.Bulaevsky, the technology of coating with monolithic concrete was developed to prevent filtration for the Ferghana Canal. Korzhavin B.B. and Markhlevsky N.V. In 1970, developed and implemented in production technology and equipment for construction by the method of "Hydromechanization" of earth dams in the conditions of Uzbekistan. Kiselev N.P. and Ostankov P.A. The results of their developments in the field of concrete work were used in the construction of the Karshi Trunk Canal, inter-farm canals and the on-farm irrigation network. Associate Professor A.Ya.Saiganov and Ph.D. B.Basanov 1980-1986 developed a new technology and equipment for the production of concrete pipes without fittings intended for the construction of irrigation and drainage systems and introduced into production. Professor AG Ostankov and assistant A.Muratov 1980-1990 developed a technology for manufacturing prefabricated reinforced concrete products for hydromeliorative construction. 1991-2019 according to the results of scientific and educational work, the faculty of the department published 2 monographs, 4 textbooks, 8 study guides, more than 100 scientific articles, received about 10 patents, compiled more than 10 recommendations and information booklets, more than 300 teaching aids.

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