Demonstrative Lesson

Senior lecturer of the Department of Theoretical and Constructive Mechanics, Toshmatov Elyor Sobirovich, on April 10, 2019, at B-325 auditorium of "Hydraulic engineering and using pumping stations" conducted a demostrative lesson to the students of group 212 from the subject "Materials Resistence" on topic "General feedback on the plows. Flat bending, transverse slope, flat tilt. Finding Backbone Reactions" . The lecturer gave information about plows, types of usage and others. 

The speaker explained the plows that he was trying to knit in the example of the bridges, emphasizing their advantages and disadvantages. The opinions expressed during the lecture were replete with specific examples. Slides were shown in the text during the lecture, students were provided with handouts and pedagogical technologies were used. An example of the bend of the plows using the "Epyury" program was the use of information technology. The lecture was conducted with active participation of teachers and students. The speaker answered briefly, clearly and explicitly all the questions of the students. The session ended with a short bling-survey and evaluation of student knowledge through assessment of assesment. The lecture was attended by the assistant professor of TIAC S.A.Abdukadyrov and the teachers of our institute.