The brief information about circle “Elementa” which has 16 students of bachelor degree of “Geometry and Engineering Graphics” department.

The plan of circle was worked out by teachers of the department. And later there was done additions.

According to the plan every teacher formed the list of talented students and had extra lessons for them.

In September,  at the department were  detected the talented students and worked out a plan of attracting them for the circle, also every teacher had 2 or 3 students to work with.   

In January, each student was given the theme of independent work. During the work students regularly consulted with their teachers and corrected their mistakes. And they did the presentations on the themes. Some of the students could show their abilities during their work. Then they had to prepare scientific articles for the aducational and practical conferences. 

Responsible teacher for the circle :  A.Urishev  tel: 93 5725069

From the 20th  date of  every two months.  Room B-407. Time:  10:00-12:00 o’clock.