The content and essence of the elementary group "Elementa", which is being carried out with the participation of 16 students in the bachelor's program "Drawing geometry and engineering graphics". The plan of training sessions of the circle was considered by the members of the chair and accepted with the addition. Based on the designated plan, each teacher has formed and added additional students to the list of talented and sophisticated students in their group.In September, the students of the department were able to identify and attract students interested in science and science, and each teacher received 2 or 3 students. By January, each of the students has a theme for the topic. Students made presentations on the topic regularly, correcting their mistakes, and making presentations in early February with some teachers participating in their group. The articles were presented in a fascinating way, and the students were given the task of preparing an article for the scientific and practical congress. Contact person: A.U.Urishev tel: 93 572-50-69 The group runs every Monday from 8:30 to 12:50 at B-408 room.