At the undergraduate level

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Engineering and computer graphics

This course is based on theoretical knowledge, practical skills and spatial forms, and their relationships with methods.


Computer graphics

This course is designed for students to practice with AutoCAD graphics software, its interface, command panels and their capabilities, and drawings in 2 or 3 dimensions.

The name of the science

Brief information about science


Applied geometry

Helps to create images and read pre-made images as well as solve engineering problems. With the help of this science, it is possible to imagine not only what exists with its laws, but also what can be imagined


Modern information and communication technologies

Provides accurate information about the concept of information systems and their support, the didactic potential of information and communication technologies


Engineering graphics, design and computer engineering

The student learns the methods of formation and development of spatial imagination, knowledge of the apparatus of spatial imagery and methods of its use, design and construction of design details of various complexity from a given sketch, automation of drawing work in design


Methodology of engineering graphics sciences

Methodological bases of theoretical education and didactic principles of teaching; new pedagogical technologies in improving the cognitive activity of students; methods of teaching engineering graphics; to study the process of teaching engineering graphics; problematic organization and implementation of science programs; assessment and monitoring of students' graphic knowledge, skills and competencies; teaches tasks such as organizing and conducting circle work and Olympiads on engineering graphics


Topographic drawing in hydraulics

The basic conditions of the unified system of design documentation, the basic conditions and definitions in mechanical drawings, information on the concept of representation of objects in drawings help to apply them in practice in the educational process.


Computer-aided design

This course not only teaches computer design, but also helps them to reach a higher level of graphic literacy.


Design of architectural elements

The subject of "Design of architectural elements" is the study of drawing and reading the facades of residential, school, educational institutions, enterprises and other similar buildings.


Interior design

Learns how to draw and read exterior and interior facades of residential and non-residential buildings.