Theme of research work                      

Briefly about the subject

A-3-008-2015 " Methods of  assessment  the strength of soil hydrotecnical installations interacted with water"

The scientificteacher is  Doctor of Technical Sciences T.Sultanov


Determination of new mechanical effects at various impacts and dangerous sections of dams on the stressed conditions. Admission for application onobtaining a certificate of copyright from the Agency on Intellectual Property of Uzbekistanon the programs ABM.

In the result, the publication of monographs, textbooks and teaching aids  are worked out. Working out  recommendationson the use of theoretical foundations and calculation methods, taking  into account the interaction of soil installations with water and the outflow of energy.


State budget "Working out the methods of calculation the dynamic strength of covering elements of hydrotecnical installations  taking into account the structural heterogeneity"Scientificteacher-Professor T.Mavlonov

Improvement of the estimating theory of tensely-strained condition of  thin elements of hydrotechnical  installations. Working out of  software for computers and obtaining copyright certificates. Achieved results will be put into educational process and can be a base for the grant project..