Cooperation with higher educational institutions, Research institutions - Chirchik-Ahangaron reservoir management,  «Uzwaterexploitation», Research institution of «Irrigation and water problems», SIO «Physics-sun»(tel: 233-12-71,, UZGIP tel:242-27-76,,«Hydroengineering»(tel:253-14-65, «Uzhydropower»(tel: 230-33-50,,  (Tashkent HES) tel:236-60-00,,  «Suvmash», Tashkent State Technical university,  administration  of «Pump stations of  Energetics and Communication»(тел.:241-17-72, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management of the Republic of  Uzbekistan and also republic of  Karakalpakstan. By the cooperation agreement  with other branches there are being done lecturing, practical and laboratory lessons, leading qualification works and master`s dissertations.  Creating conditions for laboratory lessons and practice. Also there are planed to work out textbooks, manuals and other researches. For example, choosing of dissertations` themes on the base of scientific and technological problems. Carrying out scientific works in cooperation. Forming of educational training centres for all degrees: bachelor, master and post graduate. One of the achievements of our Independence was law adopted in 1997 “About education» and « National program of training cadres». On the bases of this law there were organized courses of improving teachers` qualification every three years. Last years teachers of this department were qualified at the courses of «Тechnology of engineering, planning and innovative education» «Course of innovative  technologies in education» e.t.c. Also teachers of the department could improve their qualification abroad. Docent of the department T.Majidov worked   on probation in three months courses in Lunda University of Swetherland on   program Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window. Now there is an agreement with Lunda university on the cooperation in scientific sphere. Head of the department T.Majidov from april 23 to may 2 2012 attended in Japan corporation «Kubota» of  pump aggregates, which was made for the 3rd pump station of  Jizzah region. And also there was tested pump aggregates, and formalized the acts on the results. Between plant and institute there was signed an agreement about the students` practice in Japanese plant Hirakata. Heads of the plant also were agree to supply with some means and equipments which are necessary  for the scientific research and laboratory of the department. Great attention is paid to the educational, industrial and before diploma practice works. In the educational practice students can acquaintance with laboratory works and also attend pump stations of  Tashkent and Tashkent regions, enterprises which makes pumps and repair them, installation on the base of generators, hydro electric stations. Industrial practices are carried out on constructing, exploiting, repairing and reconstructing  of power objects as HES of Tupolang reservoir of Surhandarya region, cascade HES of  Chirchiq Buysun power canal, in «Suvmash» plant which produces and repairs  pumps, Farhad HES, Ahangaran and Ertashsay HES, in reconstructing «Narpay» pump station , regions` administration as «Pump  stations, power and commnication» and Republic of Karakalpakstan.  At these places are being conducted before diploma practices, where students can get information for writing their qualification works. On the bases of order of the Cabinet of Ministers on the provision of cooperation between department and industry which can effect on the teaching process, improving teachers` qualification, developing technical base of the department, conducting of educational and industrial practices are being held. And practical and sponsor help was worked out as a plan. So «Uzsuvenergo» under MCBX of the Republic of Uzbekistan,  «Nijnesirdaryinskiy» BUIS, and also administration  of «Karshi magistral canal». Now technic base of the laboratory of  the department is being developed by abovementioned organizations. For the educational process are being worked out necessary textbooks and manuals, conducted works of students and teachers in constructing hydropower objects. Teaching staff of the department are conducting their pedagogical activity, and simulteniously educational seminars on assembly, exploitation, repair of pump installation, effective usage of power resources, and also they are active in mass media-television, radio, newspapers and magazines.