At the Department of Theoretical and Constructional Mechanics was formed a scientific circle of "Young Mechanic" by  Professor T.Mavlanov. Every year in the circle actively take part  20-30 talented students and researchers of GM, GTS, GIM and AМ faculties. They have lectures as: "Theoretical foundations of the strength of soil installations for seismic steadiness", "Methods of calculating of soil hydrotechnical installations in interaction with liquid", "Assessment of safety and strength of environmental objects", "Determining the dangerous sections of hydrotechnical installations for the effect on various mechanical loads" "Theoretical bases of calculation of soil installations,  interacted with  liquid and it`s energy saving". Also there are discussed actual scientific themes, topics, and conducted debates and practical lessons.

 In  May 2017, in Tashkent Road Transport Institute was held the Republican Olympiad on "Theoretical Mechanics" at which the 3rd year student, from the 5th group of the "Hydromelioration" faculty Sanjar Baydilayev won the second place.

On the basis of research work there were prepared and published the following articles by talented students:

1. M.Mirsaidov, T.Mavlanov, Zh,Yarashev, E.Toshmatov, G.Abdieva, Yoldosheva "BNDRP and BNDRPZ Calculation of the determinant of the ribbon matrix for prismatic elastic and viscoelastic constructions" program for ECHM.

2. M.Mirsaidov, T.Mavlanov, Zh.Yarashev, E.Toshmatov, G., Abdieva, S.Yoldosheva "SC040Z Peculiar vibration of viscoelastic axisymmetric shell constructions" program for ECM

3. T.Mavlanov, E.Toshmatov, J.Yarashov, M.Khurazboev "Methods of calculation of prismatic elements of hydrotechnical installations". Scientific and Practical Journal "Scientific Increase in the Efficiency of Irrigated Agriculture" "Russian Research Institute of Problems of Land Reclamation" (FGIBNU "RosNIIPM").

Classes in the circle of "Young Mechanic" are held every Thursday from 15. 00 to 16. 20. Room  323. The head of the circle is Professor T.Mavlanov.

Phone: 237-09-81